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Consistency – the key to building a successful brand
Simon Chard explains how consistent work can transform your business in the first of two parts on why consistency is…
10 tips for designing your clinic reception
Your clinic reception is the first place clients come face-to-face with your physical brand, so it’s vital to create the…
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Developing your brand: part one
When it comes to branding, Manrina Rhode explains why making an emotional connection with your target audience can help you…
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Are your team on the same page?
A business vision is vital but if you haven’t shared it with those helping to achieve it, then now is…
What is your brand and how do you develop it?
Les Jones gives his thoughts on what your brand is and how to develop it.
Be the brand leader
Les Jones explains how developing your brand could help you become a more effective leader I visit a lot of…
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Plain sailing for tobacco packaging
A new law on ‘plain’ cigarette packages is coming in on Friday, which will see an end to white packs…
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Understanding the creative process
Cathy Johnson gives us ten top tips on how to get the best from your designer Controversial I know, but…
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Does your practice have a brand?
If you answered anything other than ‘yes’ then you’re mistaken! Practice Plan’s Les Jones explains why every dental practice has…
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Making your mark
Create a brand that leaves an impression in the market and with patients and watch your practice thrive, says Simpson…
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