Dental Practice Accelerator 2023

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The second round of Dental Practice Accelerator is officially open for entries! Apply now for the chance to grow your practice to a million-pound turnover in just one year completely for FREE through the help and mentorship of three key leaders in dentistry. 


Dental Practice Accelerator (DPA) is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to achieve incredible growth in your practice in just 12 months. The three mentors – Justin Leigh, Sameer Patel, and Sandeep Kumar – are there to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with you, from business coaching to dental practice development.


Under their guidance, you and your entire practice team will set out on an accelerated growth trajectory – and best of all, it’s completely free! 



Jay and Kin Parekh, have increased practice revenue by over 40% in the past year since being selected as winners of the Dental Practice Accelerator 2022.



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Putting yourself forwards for the Dental Practice Accelerator only takes a few moments and the benefits could be life-changing. Entries close soon, so don’t delay.


We'd love to hear about you! Please tell us about your experience, goals, ambitions & how you approach leading your practice.
Please tell us about your practice including number of surgeries, current equipment and workflows you have in place as well as the mix of treatments you deliver.
Please tell us about the 2021/2022 turnover & profit, capital available to invest and what your financial goals are.
Please tell us all about your team including number of dentists, support staff, how the team is organised and how engaged they are.
Please tell us all about your approach to team & practice management.
Tell us what you're hoping to achieve from working with our 3 dental experts as part of the Dental Practice Accelerator.


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