Dr Sunil Hirani

Sunil graduated from Guy's Hospital, London, England in 1996. He has a Master’s degree in orthodontics, is a fellow of dental surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) and holds a membership in orthodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons of England. In 2005, he passed his exit fellowship, fellowship in dental surgery (orth) and in 2022, he was the first and only orthodontist in the UK to have ever passed the advanced European Society of Lingual Orthodontics board examination. He obtained the highest marks in the examination and there are about 50 people globally who have achieved this accolade. He has published articles in leading journals such as the Journal of Orthodontics, Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, European Journal of Orthodontics and Orthodontic Update. Dr Sunil Hirani works exclusively in private practice and has a strong interest in biomechanics, lingual orthodontics, digital orthodontics, skeletal anchorage, aligners and interdisciplinary care.

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