Loven Ganeswaran

Founder of Chairsyde, Principal Dentist and FD trainer

Loven Ganeswaran has been practising dentistry in Sunninghill, Berkshire for the past 10 years as well as spending 6 years as an FD trainer. In 2015, Loven and friend Kiri founded Chairsyde after deciding to take what they know about dentistry and tech to improve oral health education in the UK. Off the back of a life-changing trip to Sri Lanka, where they provided dental treatment in orphanages, they realised the power of education. They spent their days teaching children about oral health and found that the lessons that really stuck were the ones that had a visual and musical element. Loven wanted to take this insight and inspiration and create a product that would engage and empower patients. As a dentist himself, Loven often spent time drawing pictures of teeth on the back of his day list, explaining conditions to patients. He knew that dentists need a tool that sits by their side and educates patients on their procedures as they go. By appealing to the patient’s eyes and ears, and providing an interactive patient journey, the Chairsyde founders created a better way to communicate, engage and educate patients whilst increasing access for those who need it. Armed with a vision for better dental education, Loven and Kiri launched Chairsyde – a dentist’s best friend. Their mission is to help dentists create exceptional patient experiences around the world, so they can grow their practice, transform health and mitigate risk.

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