Doug Fettig

While proud of his academic and professional achievements, Doug believes the best decision he ever made was dropping out of college at 20 years old. He bought a one-way ticket to from Bismarck, North Dakota to Hamburg, Germany where he began hitchhiking around Europe. That incredible time led to a wealth of opportunities to authentically connect with humanity, and it changed Doug’s perception of the world permanently. Now, Doug has over two decades of experience as a CPA and a finance professional, providing him the unique ability to understand dentists’ needs and help them grow efficient and profitable practices, while strategically addressing tax, investment, and retirement planning needs. Doug has spoken at numerous dental seminars, academies, study groups, and vendor forums around the country and is known for his energetic, engaging, and entertaining speaking style. His insight allows him to effectively communicate business, management, and leadership concepts. In addition to his dental speaking roles, Doug has been an adjunct faculty member at Portland State University’s College of Business. He served as president of Precious Beginnings, a nonprofit organisation, speaking at numerous medical and charitable events to further the mission of supporting parents with critically ill newborns.

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