Andrew Wakefield

Andrew Wakefield

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Andrew has worked in general practice at Apolline Dental in Chingford for more than three decades. He began providing anterior adult restorative orthodontic treatment to his patients in 2013 and has been a member of the IAS Academy since its inception. Andrew is as interested in the functional aspects of maintaining a healthy anterior occlusion throughout life, just as much as in the aesthetic improvements that can be produced using minimally invasive techniques.

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Producing a balanced arch form

Andrew Wakefield describes an alignment, bleaching and edge-bonding approach that produced a well-balanced outcome within four months. A female in her mid-20s attended an appointment at Apolline Dental. She wished to make improvements to her upper dentition (Figure 1). She had undergone non-extraction fixed orthodontic treatment as a teenager. There had been relapse in both…

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