Think handpiece servicing, think DD Repairs

Think handpiece servicing, think DD Repairs

Formerly known as Mi-Tec and Handpiece Express, DD Repairs unites over 75 years of collective experience in handpiece repair to deliver outstanding quality and convenience.

One part of our business that we’re proud of and would like to champion more in 2024 is DD Repairs. Put simply, DD Repairs is a dental handpiece and small equipment repair service which is fast, easy-to-use, and provides excellent repairs by accredited technicians.

If you are a dental professional, we don’t need to stress the importance of dental handpieces in the workplace. When business-critical equipment fails, it can impact your entire practice, and have serious financial implications.

DD Repairs strives to provide swift repairs and serviced equipment with minimal disruption. It partners with manufacturers achieving their accreditation to work on and secure original parts at competitive prices. Service plans are also available to ensure your handpieces can keep operating in top form. These include a strip down, clean, test, service and correct lubrication, providing peace of mind.

What happened to Mi-Tec and Handpiece Express?

Mi-Tec and Handpiece Express are two businesses which have been acquired by DD, with Mi-Tec being acquired in 2010. As part of DD’s plan to simplify our business for customers, their titles have since changed to DD Repairs, to make ordering and billing simpler for our customers. We acquired these established and experienced businesses to expand and develop their repair offering for customers. This means the technicians who made these businesses special before are now more prepared than ever to offer great service.

The DD repairs journey

The process is simple:

  • Contact DD Repairs
  • We will send you a ‘free postage paid’ bag which you can use to send your broken handpiece for assessment
  • You will get a call from our service team with a free quote
  • If accepted, we will repair your handpiece within 24 hours, Monday to Friday (48 hours if your handpiece is non-turbine)
  • Your handpiece will then be sent back through a tracked next working day courier delivery
  • All repairs come with a three to 12-month warranty as standard.

Don’t worry if you don’t have time to post your equipment. Our field technicians, business consultants, equipment representatives and trainers can often collect your equipment to post, saving you valuable time!

Our technicians

We’re proud of our technicians, and for good reason. Each DD Repairs technician must pass a comprehensive induction and manufacturer approval, giving them insight into each aspect of handpiece and small equipment repairs. The training doesn’t stop at induction, either. Each technician then must engage in extensive continued development, including internal and external audits, competency testing, theoretical training and practical training. Some examples would include the ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 accreditations.

The knowledge our technicians gain from completing these accreditations, plays a key role in ensuring everything they repair is returned at manufacturer standards or higher.

Our technicians also each complete additional training with leading manufacturers, including W&H, Anthogyr, NSK, Bien Air, Kavo, Sendoline, Walker and many others, as part of their DD Repairs Accreditation. This gives them an in-depth and nuanced understanding of the most well-known and widely used handpieces and small equipment. This understanding is crucial in all stages of the repair process, whether it’s in evaluating the job to provide a quote or repairing the handpiece.

Safeguarding your handpiece

You will be able to speak personally with the technician undertaking your repair if required. At this point their knowledge of handpiece repair and communication experience will come in handy, keeping you in the loop with expert consultation. If you don’t approve the quote, you can request your handpiece to be returned at no cost.

Finally, our technicians help to safeguard your handpiece and certify the quality of your repair by individually inspecting, testing, and certifying all replacement parts. That’s the DD Repairs way.

To request a repair:

  • You can call us on 01253 600090 or email [email protected] to request a repair pack
  • We try to ensure our packs are all sent with same-day dispatch, so they may arrive the day after a request is placed
  • Packs include a work order sheet which must be completed, and a copy of that completed form must be returned to DD Repairs.

If you would like to read more, please see our Handpiece Repair and Servicing page.

This article is sponsored by DD.

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