Why are some patients staying away from your clinic?

Why are some patients staying away from your clinic?

Even though many believe the worst days of the pandemic are behind us, patients still appear reluctant to visit their dentist due to concerns about infection.

This problem is not dental clinic specific, it’s a trend seen across healthcare sectors.

With digital dentistry, you have the tools and also workflows to help reduce cross-contamination risks that can include, and go beyond, COVID-19. Sharing knowledge of this with patients could help reduce their worries, answer their concerned questions, and help improve in-clinic booking numbers.

Traditional impression techniques require handling multiple items. For example, the tray, bite registration waxes, impression materials and also any associated appliances. These handling factors are eliminated with digital impressions

Conventional impressions can be challenging to disinfect; while the digital scan itself requires no disinfection.

In this white paper, Dr Ornella Delli Rocili will dive deeper into how digital dental workflows can help mitigate these issues. Read more here: https://utm.io/ueLDV

‘Because quality treatment matters to me’

Intraoral scanners have been around long enough to have had their treatment quality claims tested and researched extensively by independent sources. This is the information you want to base your next intraoral scanner purchasing decision on.

But you may not have time to dig around for information. So, we compressed what’s out there into one information-packed ebook covering everything from clinical studies to experienced dental practitioners.

How to do dentures digitally

Learn how to do dentures digitally! Denturist and world-renowned expert, Erik Kukucka, shares his step-by-step workflow for creating dentures using the reference denture protocol.

Why are some patients staying away from your clinic?

Open and connected digital dentistry workflows

This ebook explains the principles of open networks in dentistry, and how to benefit from integrated seamless connections. In addition, it also highlights how to combine digital dental technologies in modern digital workflow scenarios.

Why are some patients staying away from your clinic?

You can also grab your free copy here: https://utm.io/uea60

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