Is there ongoing support after a conversion?

Michelle Hardy explains how Practice Plan can help your dental practice following your move to become a private practice.

For many practices contemplating and acting on a move to private practice, moving through the conversion and reaching the final destination safely is the number one priority.

Little time, at this point, is spent understanding what wider support services are available to the practice team. As well as how their chosen plan provider can help them grow. And then maintain a profitable practice for the long term. 

Choosing a plan provider that can transition you safely is paramount. But knowing that there’s a wealth of support you can tap into should also be high on the list too.

Practice Plan’s support

So, what support can you expect from Practice Plan once you’ve realised your dream of becoming a private practice? 

In this video, Michelle Hardy, sales support manager at Practice Plan, talks about how your regional support manager (RSM) will become an added value member of your own (practice) team. And how you are the ones that determine the level of contact you need with your RSM. 

Practice Plan has years of experience helping over 1,500 dental practices to transform the profitability of their business. This is through the combination of a well-populated plan and personalised support. Support includes marketing, business advice, events, and training.  

If you’re thinking of making the move and want to take the first step on the road to private dentistry, why not give the team at Practice Plan a call. Its team of experienced regional support managers can guide you through how the whole process works. And help you make the right decision for your future. 

To set up an initial conversation with a member of the Practice Plan team, call 01691 684165 or go to 

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