‘We cannot live without the 3shape Trios 3 Move’

3shape trios moveWe caught up with Usman Riaz, clinical director at Renovo Dental, about how his 3shape Trios Move is transforming his practice.

Why did you decide to invest in an intraoral scanner right from the very beginning?

Going fully digital was the goal from the very start when we were planning the new clinic.

Digital dental technology has developed rapidly in the past two to three years. There is a lot more integration of systems with tried and tested workflows.

COVID has just fast tracked this trend. A non-invasive impression taken with an intraoral scanner with removable and autoclavable scanning heads to allow ideal cross-infection control was a no brainer! The timing to invest in an intraoral scanner was ideal.

Just as important for Renovo Dental was the desire to practise green dentistry. Incorporating more sustainable solutions that reduce the negative impact on the environment was something the whole team felt strongly about. Investing in digital technology allowed us to reduce clinical waste (and waste transfer cost) instantly.

Ultimately it is about the patient journey and providing an extraordinary experience. The practical skills of the team and the customer service at Renovo had to be backed up by the equipment. You are only as good as your tools.

We didn’t have to think twice before making the jump.

How have you got on with your intraoral scanner?

Love it! The Trios 3 Move is incredibly fast. It is also reliable and very easy to use. The scanning technique is very simple and the interface is very user friendly.

When using the scanner, I can easily achieve a full arch scan in under 60 seconds. The end-result is accurate both in terms of colour and high definition.

We found the Trios Move to be quick when starting and stopping scans. It quickly picks up where it stopped.

The big plus is the ability to easily scan around the tricky molar regions in a comfortable manner for the patient. The small head and curved design really helps with this. I have struggled capturing these areas previously when trialling other scanners.

The interproximal areas often require a few touch-ups after the main scan is done to catch all the data if needed. But this is very easy to do.

We were pleasantly surprised at how lightweight and ergonomic the Trios 3 Move is. It sits in your hand comfortably and is easy to rotate the wrist and change the position when in use.

Purely from an aesthetic point of view, it is a beautiful piece of kit. It looks extremely modern and stylish. It really does look the part.

The Trios Move with its cart for the scanner was a good choice option for us. It is easy to manoeuvre from one surgery to another on the same floor. And the scanner screen can be pulled across the dental chair and placed in front of the patient while scanning.

What are some of the benefits when using an intraoral scanner?

We quickly came to realise that the Trios was a very powerful communication and visual aid during treatment consultations. It is invaluable for patient engagement.

Patients identify aesthetic impairments without us having to say anything. A great example of this is the take up of orthodontic aligners at the practice.

During our first open day weekend, eight patients committed for clear aligner treatment. More patients accepted clear aligner as a treatment option in the first three months at the new clinic than I had carried out in a whole year prior to this. Patients are now taking out other treatments because they associate us with quality. It’s that positive patient experience from day one.

Why did you choose Trios 3 Move over other scanners?

It was simply a strategic decision. The great advantage of the Trios 3 scanner is that the scans are still accepted for Invisalign aligner treatment with a hassle-free workflow.

Other than Align’s very own Itero scanner, no other scanner apart from the Trios 3 is compatible with Invisalign aligners. Invisalign aligners play a huge factor in our practice growth and it’s such a powerful brand. It has a vital role as part of our business model.

The Trios 3 Move is also compatible with alternate popular aligner systems such as Spark and Suresmile. With the Trios 3 Move we have the best of both worlds.

Patient feedback at our new clinic is amazing! They report a very positive experience after having digital impressions over conventional. This was very important to us as a new dental clinic to help us differentiate ourselves from the rest of the crowd.

It’s a cleaner and slicker procedure. No gagging and no messy impression material mixed with the patient saliva. It saves the patient from what could often feel like an unpleasant and embarrassing moment!

For a patient who has had a digital impression taken for the first time, it’s like magic! Their reaction says it all. They are completely in awe. Patients recommending us to others has by far been the most effective marketing for us and it’s completely free!

Sharing scan files is very simple. By opening the platforms, the 3shape system makes it very easy to share scan files.

How quick would you see a return on investment?

The return on investment is immediate I would say. Purely based on the above reasons. And that’s not even breaking down our costs.

When you then factor in the ongoing costs for the materials for conventional impressions, the clinical waste costs of disposing of all this over a year, it soon starts to mount up.

By eliminating this from day one, you are already saving. More importantly, time is the most valuable asset, and this is where the Trios scanner is most valuable for us. By eliminating the lost time, it would take in transfer of manual impressions, the lab turnaround is significantly improved.

By allowing us to be more efficient, we can accommodate and treat more patients during the working week without any compromise in the quality.

We opted for just the Trios scanner as we were looking for a decent scanner to share files with our dental labs from day one as a start-up clinic.

However, based on our aspirations, we are aware that that we have the ability to opt for design modules that could allow us eventually to cover all aspects of dentistry in-house, including same-day crowns, implant surgical guides, implant restorations and digital smile design.

The use of the add on studio apps and further team training will be determined by our practice growth.

You touched on the after sales service a little bit. What’s that been like for you?

Incredible! ESM Digital Solutions were recommended by several dental colleagues. When researching online myself, what quickly became apparent was that the same name kept popping up in conversations and on online forums. It wasn’t a difficult choice to make.

What I liked about Mark Barry and his team was that they are 3shape specialists. They only deal with 3shape products exclusively. That’s the reason we chose ESM Digital Solutions over others.

The quality of the remote training delivered by ESM was extraordinary. There were so many practical tips along the way.

Even before we took a scan on a patient, the team were super confident as a result of the online demonstration and one-to one tutorials. They were eager to carry out their first scan on a patient when the first patient walked through the door.

Nowadays, we hardly ever get in touch with them because the initial support they provided us from day one has been so good.

We’ve never really looked back.

You’re actually only three months into your journey. What would you say to anybody else who’s thinking about taking a similar leap?

Just do it!

There is so much more choice now and some great intraoral scanners on the market. It really does come down to personal preference.

The way digital dentistry has just transformed over the last two years, everybody wants to make that first step. But they’re a little bit anxious, understandably. If we can make it, as a brand-new clinic with a brand-new team using an intraoral scanner for the first time, then anybody can.

It seems like a big leap, but it’s not. Providing you have the training and support to back up the intraoral scanner.

It’s like the first time you picked up a smartphone and now you couldn’t live without one. We cannot live without the 3shape Trios 3 Move. It’s impossible.

If you’re looking to purchase an intraoral scanner, visit and would like to talk to the experts at ESM Digital Solutions, visit esmdigitalsolutions.com.

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