Showcasing professional dental technology

Dental Technologist AssociationThe DTA has created a platform that recognises professional UK dental technology. It underpins the importance of all dental professionals supporting the UK profession and local businesses.


Working with dental technologists who display this logo demonstrates that they are:

  • A professional holding the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours a registrant must have to practise safely, effectively and professionally as a dental technician registered with the General Dental Council (GDC)
  • Appropriately qualified and meet the generic and profession-specific standards for dental technicians
  • A member of their professional association the Dental Technologist Association (DTA), with access to lifelong learning and quality continuing professional development (CPD), regulatory updates and guidance documents in order to develop throughout their career and continue to practise legally within their developing scope of practice
  • Responsible for the quality of their finished work before it is released to the dentist and patient and hold the necessary indemnity insurance.

The DTA claims to represent the best interests of all of the UK Dental Technologists, with one voice.

As ever, the best way of making its voice heard is to represent the broadest coalition of our profession. As such it is urging all dental technologists to consider joining the Dental Technologist Association (DTA), their professional organisation.

Visit to find more information on the benefits of becoming a DTA member. This includes over 20 hours of verifiable CPD, exclusive discounted professional indemnity insurance, guidance documents, helplines and more. Discounted packages are available for students and newly qualified professionals.

Dental Technology Association

Find out more about the benefits available to 2020 members, as well as possible discounts for students and newly-qualified professionals, at

For more information call 01242 461931, or email [email protected].

This article first appeared in Laboratory magazine. You can read the latest issue here.

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