Are your high-risk caries patients experiencing interrupted care?

dental cariesColgate introduces Ben Atkins’ webinar focusing on how to care for patients at risk of caries during the COVID pandemic.

Many anticipate some patient habits will change during the pandemic. This includes increased frequency of snacking and/or a change in oral care routines.

Patients who you might previously identify at increased caries risk before the pandemic, may still be at risk today. But as dental practices go through a phased return to resuming dental services, there is a delay in patient recalls.

For this reason, you may consider prioritising a remote assessment of your patients prescribed high fluoride toothpaste at their last clinical review.

Managing patients at risk of caries

Watch a short video of Dr Ben Atkins, President of the Oral Health Foundation and founder of the award winning Revive Dental Care business. He will deliver ‘Tips on how to proactively manage your increased caries risk patients.’

Dr Atkins shares his thoughts and insights on accessing this important patient group during this time of reduced access.

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