Don’t just read about the latest tech – experience it

We have all heard the saying ‘time is precious’. Ever more so this becomes increasingly true in both our personal and professional lives.

Everything we do in our modern life is bound by the constraints and pressures of time, and dentistry is no different; from the time the next patient is booked in through to the duration of each procedure. Dentistry is evolving at a rapid pace and consumers have become more demanding.

They have got used to the instant gratification delivered by the internet and next-day couriers.

As business owners, it’s becoming more difficult in the current climate for you and your dental team to take time out to keep up with the latest product innovations available.

Practices have experienced a loss of revenue by being out of the practice and having to exclude team members who might have valuable input into your decision making. Consequently, it is becoming increasingly more challenging to discover, learn and connect with the latest products and processes.

Planmeca has always driven dental innovation through its portfolio. Now, they’re driving innovation right to your door – literally. Their state-of-the-art mobile dental showroom is ready to visit your practice. It will showcase the latest range of innovations that make up the award winning Planmeca portfolio.

So why book PlanDemo?

The digital world is upon us. As an industry, we need to adapt and change to consumers who want everything right now. This includes, when appropriate, same-day dentistry.

PlanDemo incorporates a high-tech Compact i5 dental unit featuring our fully integrated digital impression scanner Emerald, alongside our chairside milling solution the PlanMill 30s.

Completing the digital workflow is the advanced ProMax 3D CBCT machine. This integrates seamlessly with digital impressions via Planmeca’s modular Romexis image management software. As well as the option to take a 3D “ProFace” photograph of the patient at the same time as a CBCT scan.

Of course a glossy advert or a polished piece of PR gives us a little flavour of a product or solution. But it is hard to imagine the detail without properly interacting with what will be a significant and long-term investment.

So now is the time to put down that brochure. Instead, start experiencing the latest technology, all safely from the comfort of your practice.

When you book PlanDemo you not only discover, learn and connect with innovative digital solutions but you actually have the opportunity to try them out – the 3D CBCT is fully functioning, conforming to relevant HPA guidance. Additionally, this is with the benefit of a product expert at your disposal.

A visit from PlanDemo will ensure you and your team will have every opportunity to discover, learn and connect with the very latest digital products. All without leaving the comfort of your practice car park.

Simply go to to register your interest and we’ll do the rest!

Email: [email protected]

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