Smartphone dentistry – anywhere, anytime: for reluctant would-be virtual dentists

Join Anthony J. Gedge for a free webinar discussing a next-gen online marketing tool on Sunday 27 September at 19:30Join online training programme instructor, Anthony J. Gedge, for a free webinar discussing a next-gen online marketing tool on Sunday 27 September at 19:30. 

You cannot immunise yourself from wearing PPE.

But you can immunise yourself against the economic poison that is about to rain down on dentistry and cover you head to toe – far more restrictive on your future than any head-to-foot, level 3 PPE.

The impending downturn is totally different and more damaging to dentistry than 12 years ago. It’s going to be more brutal and bloody than watching a lion catch, kill and eat a zebra on YouTube. And I offered the same successful strategic advice then to dentists as I am going to give you now, in this brief message that requires your undivided, uninterrupted attention.

Warren Buffet said this about recession: ‘Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.’ The following information can partially clothe you. I’ll hand you the attire. But it’s up to you to dress yourself.

Dangerous times

My name is Anthony J. Gedge and this is my sixteenth year in dentistry. We are in dangerous times. This is far from over. My question to you is: How will you keep your mortgage payments fluid without furlough when we enter another crisis?

Simply put, you must find and utilise and profit from a new medium to instantly collect, converse, convert new ready, willing and ready-to-pay-deposits patients – before your rivals do! And all through your smartphone, anywhere, anytime.

I am behind an estimated half-million-plus high-profit-procedure treatment leads generated thus far. So I am confident you will take my advice more seriously than graphic designers pretending to know what it takes to get a sceptical patient to say YES.

The thing is, there is only a certain amount of money flowing and available to you in your local community at any one time during a recession. Those businesses that first started using telephones won. Those businesses that first started using computers won. Those that went online first won. As a result, what will you do to protect yourself in the months ahead?

Huge opportunity

A client first introduced me to what I have now termed “the billion-mouth scan machine.” It’s an automatic advantage to collect, converse, convert new ready, willing and ready-to-pay-deposits patients with, yes, the world’s greatest dentistry A.I. minds. Coupled with the most powerful virtual marketing system ever devised – with or without a website for your practice.

A solution that can save you from a recession-hampered and mundane exam-drill-and-fill existence.

A bold promise? I think not, when I introduce you to one Dr Virtual X – an aspiring associate without a website who recently blew my mind with her smartphone dentistry, anywhere, anytime strategy …

You see, I have discovered that this under-utilised A.I. software is like a Ford car with a Ferrari engine. And my aim today is to demonstrate how I and my inner circle, and Dr Virtual X, are leveraging this huge opportunity available to any reluctant virtual dentist.

Three questions for you

  1. Can you handle a new patient influx in a 20-minute fallow time?
  2. Does your lack of new high-profit-procedure patients worry you sick, because your NHS practice is at a standstill?
  3. If yes, do you have the courage to treat half a dozen qualified new ready, willing and ready-to-pay-deposits patients every week?

Introducing a New AI Tool. Your Virtual Immunity from Recession Online Mini Training Programme. Next-Gen Online Marketing for Would-Be Virtual Dentists.

Take Back Your Power to Quickly, Easily, Almost Effortlessly Collect-Converse-Convert New, Ready, Willing and Ready-To-Pay-Deposits Patients, Even in Deep Recession. For Any Would-Be Virtual Dentist With or Without a Website. Hosted by myself, Anthony J.Gedge.

Special tips

My exclusive, one-time-only online training covers a number of special tips, including:

  • I am no good at converting patients face to face. Most dentists aren’t. I have personally trained over 1,000 DCPs to connect with patients’ hearts and minds and get them started. How do you do this?
  • I do not do otho. I demonstrate how you can stimulate more implants, veneers, smile makeovers, hygiene, check-ups, worn teeth, teeth whitening, perio, All-on-4, crowns, bridges, emergency, denture, ALL through a powerful A.I. assessment tool
  • No marketing budget or online presence? Learn at least 16 different internal email and text marketing campaigns. Reactivate inactive patients, re-engage dead leads, get lapsed treatment plans jump-started. My inner circle now has access to this proprietary information and are currently exploiting a little-understood return-on-investment opportunity (revealed Sunday 27 September from the comfort of your own home).
  • A day in the life of a super successful ‘dentistry from a distance’ associate without a website. Before lockdown, this earn-more-work-less associate was doing just four Invis cases a month. In the last two years she has doubled her personal income and is on track to double her clinical hourly rate. She hasn’t put a SmileMate widget on her website because she doesn’t have a website. She merely uses a special web link. I expose her best practice that any switched-on would-be virtual dentist can immediately start profiting from
  • Plus many, many more collect, converse, convert new patient workflow examples. 

Don’t let your competition or your peers or your own limited thinking put you behind. We are in a virtual-check-and-visit future. Artificial intelligence tools affords you this amazing opportunity. It really is a Christmas gift come early.

Let me be your Santa Claus on Sunday 27th September, 7.30 PM BST (London time), and join me and Dr Virtual X. This online training is going to give those who attend at least two years’ competitive advantage over reluctant virtual dentists. So you can stop worrying about paying your mortgage without furlough.

My personal virtual success guarantee

Try this online training, 100% at my risk. If it doesn’t immediately solve every problem you’re now facing, free your mind from worry and let you walk two inches taller, then after the training drop me an email. I’ll give you a complimentary 30-minute strategic mentoring session worth my usual £348.

I guarantee you will not have witnessed any of these new ‘how to control your own dentistry destiny’ insights anywhere else. If you have, I will offer you a complimentary strategic mentoring call worth £348 for half an hour (email me at [email protected]).

This is an exclusive online training with a strategic get-out-of-recession card and a suite of resources, tools, and big ideas. So you can supercharge collecting, conversing and converting high-profit-procedure patients, reactivating old patients and dead leads with email and text. Consequently, there’s no need for a website and no need to do free consults.

Become my next new-patient-generation and conversion success story. Participating would-be virtual dentists are destined to attract at least a dozen new patients in the next month by following my strategic advice, exclusively for FMC Dentistry Study Club members.

Here’s to becoming a virtual dentist to earn more and work less. Whilst on the other hand some of your ‘un-virtual’ peers bury their heads in the sand. You are different, aren’t you?

Anthony J.Gedge
Somewhere South of Marbella

Click here to register for the free webinar.

Why listen?

Anthony J. Gedge is an online training programme instructor, a former 2x nightclub and record label owner, author and dentistry practice-turnaround mentor.

Gedge and Co and clients have been actively marketing high-profit procedures for more than 16 years. The top 20 Cfast aligner customers use Gedge and Co to collect, converse and convert qualified new ready, willing and ready-to-pay-deposits patients.

It is estimated Gedge and Co and clients have generated over half a million leads so far, millions of website hits, and hundreds of thousands of measured and recorded phone calls. Collecting, conversing, converting qualified new ready, willing and ready-to-pay-deposits patients is what Gedge and Co do passionately, day in and day out.

Anthony Gedge is the author of ‘The Invasion of the Straight Teeth Snatchers,’ ‘Dentists of Influence’. As well as ‘The Authority Dentist Code to a Better Life: Work 2 Days A Week.’

Gedge is one of the most expensive direct-response copywriters and strategy advisors to the dental profession. His marketing campaigns run up to £20,000 to £50,000 per project. He routinely charges £694 an hour for his advice. So, as you can see, you would be missing out on a major opportunity if you fail to join this special online workshop on collecting, conversing, converting qualified new ready, willing and ready-to-pay-deposits patients, with or without a website.

‘The most exciting new patient marketing breakthrough since the internet began. Guaranteed to increase new qualified patient flow,’ says dental marketing veteran Anthony J. Gedge. 

Click here to register for the webinar ‘SMARTPHONE DENTISTRY. ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. For reluctant would-be virtual dentists with or without an online presence’. 

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