Can you spot patients’ acidic damage?

acid damage resource pagePronamel from GSK is launching its dedicated resource page highlighting the important role acid plays in your patients’ diet and the importance of early identification as part of every dental examination.

Found at, the resource page takes readers through eight key points regarding erosive tooth wear. These include how to spot early signs of acidic damage, recommendations for patients and the role Pronamel can play.

As the prevalence of erosive tooth wear increases, GSK hopes this resource will benefit both patients and professionals alike.

‘Our modern snacking culture, coupled with an ageing population who retain their teeth for longer, means that erosive tooth wear (ETW) is a rapidly increasing risk,’ Andrei Gutiérrez, senior expert marketing manager at GSK, says.

‘ETW may have considerable aesthetic, functional and financial implications. There is a need to protect the patient and the professional through early identification and patient counselling for prevention.

‘As part of a wider initiative launched alongside leaders from key UK dental bodies, GSK is proud to provide a resource with practical information about erosive tooth wear. It explains how BEWE is a quick, simple way to screen for signs of the condition. And how it can help prompt preventative discussions with patients.’

Acid damage

The resource page explains how acid can damage our teeth. And how the routine use of BEWE alongside the BPE can efficiently and effectively identify patients at risk.

The innovative and interactive page includes videos and images to help explain BEWE and the science behind Pronamel. There are also downloadable aids for dentists to use when checking for erosive tooth wear, along with links for further information.

To access the resource page, simply visit

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