Andrea Ubhi interviews Anissa Holmes

Dr Andrea Ubhi talks with Dr Anissa Holmes, a Jamaican-based dentist and business acceleration coach, to explore strategies we can all employ to bolster our businesses.

In this interview Anissa calls on us to take advantage of this gift of time to set our businesses up for success in a way that we may not have thought possible before this crisis. She shares her advice for Facebook marketing during COVID, bringing high visibility with low outlay.

Anissa believes with a clear plan and KPIs, increasing profitability post COVID is very possible.

The takeaway advice:

  • We have a unique opportunity
  • Use this time to create greater success
  • When you look back in a years’ time, will you be able to answer: ‘How have we grown?’ with confidence?

Who is Anissa Holmes?

Dr Anissa Holmes is a practising dentist in Jamaica. She is also a business acceleration coach, social media strategist, podcaster and the best-selling author of Delivering Wow.

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