Spend less, save more, and live better with Patient Plan Direct

Patient Plan Direct explains that whilst it might have cheaper fees than other plans available, it doesn’t compromise on service.

The adage that you get what you pay for does not always ring true when it comes to patient plans. Especially if the cost includes services you will never want to use.

Sometimes what others might call cheap is actually great value, such as the plans available from Patient Plan Direct.

Patient Plan Direct’s ethos is not about offering a cheap product. Instead its a cleverly and carefully refined one that simply doesn’t have costly extras that customers neither need nor want. This results in incredible value, alongside unrivalled excellence in customer service, proven time and again during COVID-19.

After all, it’s easy to be helpful in good times. The truth comes out in times of adversity.

Experience rings true

Before COVID-19 came into our lives, we visited Dr Jim Sykes in his practice in Hexham. He kindly shared his journey to mixed practice with the help of a plan provider.

During the interview, when asked whether cost was part of his decision-making, he commented: ‘Cost was an issue, but not the driving factor. I’m aware that Patient Plan Direct is significantly cheaper than some other competitors. I think that may have been off-putting for me in some ways had I not met Janice and seen for myself that it’s no reflection of the level of service and experience they offer to their clients. Actually, the service I’ve received from Patient Plan Direct has far exceeded my expectations.’

Rising to the challenge

In these challenging times, it’s time for reflection and to set the wheels in motion to review the costs of your current plan provider and perhaps reduce your operational overhead by switching provider or launching a patient plan for the first time. Whether that’s as a fully private practice or alongside your existing NHS contract.

With admin charges start at just £1 per patient including global A&E assistance, switching to Patient Plan Direct could save you up to £150,000 over five years.

Our switch process is swift and efficient. We support practices every step of the way so that it is not at all onerous.

Also, the Bulk Change Process is on the horizon. This is designed to transfer multiple payers’ direct debits from one service provider to another.

This process facilitates banks’ automated electronic transfer of all your patients’ existing direct debit instructions from your existing plan provider to Patient Plan Direct.

We’re here to help you

In a world of uncertainty, Patient Plan Direct would like to offer dental professionals a way forward. We can help prepare to support you as effectively as possible once things get back on an even keel.

With Patient Plan Direct, you pay only for what you need in a plan, not for services that you simply will never use.

The Patient Plan Direct team would be delighted to hear from you, to discuss your ideas for the future and to help you fulfil your practice’s full potential when we can all get back to normality.

Surely that’s worth a call to find out more? We’re available on 0344 848 6888, [email protected] and www.patientplandirect.com.

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