Argen Refining – get higher returns for your scrap

Argen Refining explains why it can offer dentists higher returns for their scrap metal, or it will return all materials at no cost*.

Higher returns in three easy steps

  • Collect your scrap and request a free starter kit and Argen pot
  • Complete your Argen Refining form
  • Fill out your shipping label and prepare your package.

Why refine with Argen?

  • Transarency – we carefully photograph your materials and email you a confirmation along with an estimated date of completion
  • Expert analysis samples – experts dissolve the samples before analysing them in a state-of-the-art ICP machine
  • ICP – the ICP machine analyses each refine with an extraordinary 99.9% accuracy
  • Settlement – we promise a personalised and prompt settlement. You can earn up to five times more than most high street refiners
  • Return – if you are not 100% satisfied with the results of your assay we’ll return all materials to you at no cost.*

*If you elect to have your scrap materials returned to you after the assay process has occurred, the precious metals will be returned in the form of a layered, solid metal bar.

Dental scrap metal we do accept

  • Porcelain fused to gold
  • Extraction with inlays and onlays
  • Precious metal crowns and bridges
  • Gold partials buttons
  • Porcelain fused to metal wire solder clasps.

Dental scrap we don’t accept

  • Amalgam (contains mercury)
  • Partials (non-precious alloy)
  • Broken instruments.

What makes Argen Refining unique?

The melting process

In preparation for the first melt, we use a disk mill to crush the scrap, and add proprietary flux to extract even the smallest particles of precious metals. After the first melt, we cool the materials, remove the slag and place the metals back inside an induction furnace for a second melt.

The vacuum pin tube

After melting a second time, we take a small sample via capillary action through a narrow glass cylinder, called a vacuum pin tube. The sample cools instantly and is then cut into three sections for processing. Using an induction furnace ensures a homogeneous melt and an accurate representative sample.

The ICP machine – state of the art technology

Expert chemists dissolve these precise samples before analysing them by our ICP machine. The Inductively Coupled Plasma machine, or ICP for short, is the most powerful and accurate assaying machine in the world. It uses the power of a plasma flame to split electrons.

We double test everything

Our experts test each batch against rigorous controls. Our unmatched level of precision means you will know exactly how much precious metal you have and how much it is worth.

Personal service and transparent reporting

Your all-inclusive settlement record comes with a personal call to discuss the results. We offer flexible payment options including: direct deposit, cheque or gold, silver and platinum bullion alloy.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Sophisticated technology, experts and process, ensure that you will earn more for your scrap through Argen. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results of your assay, we’ll return all materials to you at no cost.*

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