How to stay productive at home – ideas from your favourite health influencers

Dr Denzel has gathered tips from top health influencers around the world on how to stay productive during the coronavirus lockdown.

Staying productive

Who’s involved:

  • Dr Michael Salzhauer – spend time with the family
  • Dr Hanna Kinsella – organise your belongings
  • Dr Milad Shadrooh – rekindle old hobbies
  • Dr Miguel Stanley – cooking
  • Dr Desiree Yazdan – playing musical instruments
  • Dr Amira Ogunleye – fitness and exercise
  • Dr Jason Diamond – staying active
  • Dr Rhona Eskander – practising gratitude
  • Dr Sam Saleh – painting
  • Dr Nina Bal – self care routine
  • Dr Robbie Hughes – practising ninja skills!

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