Coronavirus – the view from Spain (day 13)

Tony Gedge give us his latest update from Spain on how the coronavirus is impacting him and dental practices around the world.

Spain is currently on lockdown, with people consequently only going out to shop or go to work.

Tony has therefore taken the time to update on the current position from Spain and give his thoughts on how dental practices should deal with the coronavirus.

Virtual heroes

After the latest government announcement about self-employed benefits, Tony suggests associates pick themselves up and dust themselves down.

Many practices might have payment plan patients. Tony believes you should start communicating with those patients before they start cancelling their plan. There are lots of different online clubs you can create via Facebook Live:

  • Create a kid’s brushing club once a week
  • A weekly over-70’s health club – how to stay fit and eat the right food
  • Share information about oral health
  • Boost your post on Facebook to reach out to the local community.

‘Be the virtual heroes in your local community,’ Tony says. ‘Make sure you’re adding value and keeping in touch with your patients over the next three months.’

Get the Coronavirus survival guide for dental practice owners and other information by emailing [email protected].

See Tony’s last video blog here.

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