The promise of pain-free dentistry

This highly unusual article by Tony Gedge challenges your existing beliefs and self-imposed perceptions. Forcing you to retool, reinvent, and refocus your dentistry to achieve and exceed your resolutions in a proven, practical, systematic and sustainable way.

This exposé isn’t about having a social media presence or paying a young blood silly money to take advantage of some new online platform promising the earth, or having some other shiny toy. No, it’s about repositioning the way you and your team think, act, behave in your practice, recognising the ‘brutal truth’ that few dentists dare to embrace or refuse to even recognise…and switching this timely, relevant and practical information into motivation and growth.

Crucially, for the past 10 years I’ve been concentrating on attracting anxious people back into dentistry. Let me explain how I can help you do this too. This article in your hands is your first simple step to delivering it. I destroy the myth that patients would rather not hear these two words, ‘pain free’, by offering over a dozen different and proven case study tactics and strategies to ensure your sustainability in an uncertain economic climate. It’s thought provoking, off the wall and mind blowing all in one.

Laughing gas, the first known anaesthesia.

Dentist Horace Wells attended a laughing gas (nitrous oxide) demonstration in Hartford, USA. Wells noticed one of the volunteers had injured his leg while ingesting the vapour. Horace spoke to the man and he did not know he had an injury. Since Wells had long been concerned about the amount of pain suffered by his dental patients during treatments, he too was administered nitrous oxide and had a painful wisdom tooth extracted. Feeling ‘not so much as the prick of a pin’ in the course of this usually painful procedure, Wells believed that…

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