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The BDIA welcomes new and younger members of the dental industryDaniel Davis reflects on his role as British Dental Industry Association president and what the group can offer the industry in terms of a networking tool.

The British Dental Industry Association (BDIA) is the UK’s national industry association. It represents and supports a spectrum of manufacturers and suppliers across dentistry and brings their collective interests to the forefront. It champions these topics when representing the profession in government initiatives and regulatory meetings, and collaborative projects with other national and international bodies.

BDIA members have access to a wide variety of benefits. These include regular communications and industry updates, a dedicated journal, the latest industry information, education and training, as well as both UK and international events. It also provides companies with a voice and offers them valuable insight to help with decision-making and business management.

Supplier J&S Davis has been a member of the BDIA for many years. Its managing director Daniel Davis comments: ‘J&S Davis has been involved with the BDIA for over 70 years. The reason for membership in the early days was because it was necessary if companies traded in UK industry.

‘Today, being a member provides significant support – especially to small companies – with regulatory issues, training and networking. Additionally, modern dental suppliers need to connect with others and being a BDIA member allows the easy exchange of information. It is probably the only UK-wide forum people in the dental industry have got to network with like-minded professionals and businesses.’

Moving forward

Daniel became president of the BDIA in June 2019. This followed many years of involvement with the association and a long-term commitment to what the organisation stands for. His term as president traces the steps of previous generations within his own family.

‘Personally, I’ve had involvement with various committees for around 20 years,’ Daniel says. ‘I’ve been a member of BDIA Council for four years, vice president for two and a half years, then president since June.

‘My father was president of the BDIA twice, 1966 to 1967 and 1984 to 1986. My grandfather and his uncle were actually founding members of the organisation that became the BDIA – my family has deep-seated roots with the association.’

Speaking about his current role, Daniel discusses why his aims and those of the BDIA reflect industry challenges.

He says: ‘My role is about helping the organisation move forward in what have become and will continue to be turbulent times. The new medical device regulations due in May 2020 – and the many complications of Brexit – have created uncertainty for everyone.

‘As an organisation, we are trying to provide guidance where we can. Of course, this is difficult with the political climate remaining in a state of unknown. However, we are here to support our members in any way we can.

‘Alongside this, we aim to involve more members with the educational, social and networking events we organise and support, so there is a broader range of people attending and offering their insights. These include the BDIA Mid-Winter Meeting and the BDIA Conference.

‘We hope to welcome new and younger members of the industry as the BDIA is an organisation for all. Everyone is welcome. We are keen to work with representatives from across the profession to continue steering our goals for their benefit.

‘After building strong partnerships with different organisations and government bodies, the BDIA is in a very good position to influence regulations and guidelines where appropriate. We regularly meet with various medical and dental regulatory organisations. We are widely acknowledged as a valuable source for them because we represent a niche part of the healthcare service. With a more diverse membership, we will have even more power to help shape the future of dentistry.

‘There is so much to get back from BDIA membership. For example, training, marketing support, access to statistics and the chance to join a committee or council. These are all great opportunities to meet and speak with other industry leaders. I would encourage anyone not already part of the community to join.’

For more information on what the BDIA is currently focusing on and the benefits available through membership, visit For products available from J&S Davis, visit, call 01438 747 344 or email [email protected].

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