Kick Sugar – the book reviewed

James Goolnik has released a new recipe book, kick sugar Julian English reviews James Goolnik’s new book Kick Sugar.

When a package dressed in dark pink arrived at the office following a telephone call from James Goolnik I was intrigued.

James is a great guy.

He is a leader at Bow Lane dental practice and has won almost every award in UK dentistry.

When James gets involved in something it’s invariably a success.

For example, he helped launch Whitestrips in the UK with Oral-B and P&G.

t’s the same product the outsells many toothpastes in the United States.

But this time he has written the winner.

He is bang on message with the book title Kick Sugar.

There is a kick sugar summit, several kick sugar websites and kicking sugar today is as popular as veganism.

Like most things James Goolnik gets involved in, the book is generous and worthy from the first page to the last.

For example 100% of profits are going to the charity Rewards Project.

What is Kick Sugar?

Kick Sugar front coverKick Sugar is first and foremost a cook book aimed at reawakening the taste buds of those who are kicking sugar.

There is a 14-day challenge for readers to gradually reduce the sugar intake over the period.

Two chefs, Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi, have worked with the author to write recipes.

The recipes allow the reader to diet, reduce sugar and maintain nutrition.

With an additional aim in the meal plans of getting the reader back in the kitchen.

‘Cooking the food in these recipes will re-awaken the taste buds to the sweet taste of normal foods and drinks,’ says James Goolnik.

We all know that sugar tastes sweet and gives us that ‘feel good’ feeling.

But the aim of this book is to provide recipes towards making the reader feel healthier without the need for sugar.


Book reviews can be boring for those not interested, so here is a handy summary for all different types:

  1. The deeply interested reader – this book provides all that you need to know to take a 14-day sugar challenge. It will focus on your overall diet, sleep, health and so on and there is a questionnaire and daily guide to help you learn about sugar, and its detrimental influences on you. Then you take the 14-day challenge with the recipes and complete the questionnaire afterwards. Read the book cover to cover, filling the questionnaires and the daily planner and take the 14-day challenge and try all the recipes
  2. The curious reader – this book has great recipes within. It has had some tips to help you reduce sugar and gives proceeds to charity. Pick out information and chapters you are interested in. Check out the daily planner and try some of the recipes
  3. The very busy reader – this book contains great, healthy recipes and great imagery. And all recipes have the added benefit of being more or less ‘sugar free’ but still taste good. If you only have time to scan this book, check out the top tips in red. In fact most of the best tips in the book are written in red.

Kick Sugar by James Goolnik offers clinically sound dental and general health advice for those wishing to reduced sugar in their diet.

This is done through recipes and a 14-day ‘reduce sugar to zero challenge’.

The book challenges the reader to take a big or small, many or few, steps down the road to sugar-free without disappointing the taste buds.

After reading this book, it is impossible not be inspired to do a recipe, which will start to change your diet.

And therefore that has to be good.

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