Burbutler, how this little product went to market…

The Burbutler aids bur management from chairside by keeping all of your burs in one place Dr Paul Moore describes how he took Burbutler from an idea in his head to a successful international dental product.

Being a dentist for nearly 40 years has been a long learning curve with some sharp corners and constant development of ideas, designs and engineering. That’s the job.

I think it is a natural part of our training and nature to want to consider ways of improving what we do and how we do it, to develop a theoretical idea into a practical solution.

Ten years ago I started a new company to develop ideas I had to improve the efficiency of my practice. Since then people often ask: ‘What is the process for a new product development and commercialisation? What is the “flow” from the start to the finish?’

My response has always been that need is the spark of innovation. What is the problem to solve?

Designing the Burbutler

Design starts with research and a review of similar ideas to consider, explore and expand the ideal functions and features of your idea. Next comes making sketches and descriptions. Then you have to find a manufacturer and professional designer. It is so important you get this bit right to capture both the high-level design processes and detail-level requirements.

Before approaching a company ensure they have a good reputation in the field of your design and material development, compare and contrast them with their competition, ensure they have the relevant ISO certification. You will require this later for any medical device registration or CE certification to be able to trade with…

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