What happened at the Digital Dentistry World Tour?

What happened at the Digital Dentistry World TourAs Planmeca’s Digital Dentistry World Tour 2019 touched down in London, Seb Evans went along to find out why digital dentistry is so important and what the future has in store.

Digital dentistry is an ever-evolving term that can mean anything from owning a digital camera to CAD/CAM milling in a dental practice, depending on who you talk to.

Dentistry moves at such a fast pace it’s important to keep up with the latest technology and understand what is possible, before patients find new treatments through Google and word of mouth.

One of the leaders in digital dentistry, Planmeca, hosted the UK leg of its Digital Dentistry World Tour 2019 in London in September.

Luke Broadhurst (pictured above far right), sales and marketing director at Planmeca, said: ‘Tonight we showcase Planmeca’s World Digital Tour. We’re going across all the different territories, showcasing our digital product portfolio to a local market and here we are in London for the next local leg. This is the only one in the UK happening on this tour.’

‘The tour is just for select countries over a period of a few weeks. It’s something we try to develop. And it’s great Planmeca is in London, as a flagship country, to promote our digital story.

‘We’re here to show our digital workflow and how our products are utilised in both education, high street dentistry and private dentistry, with our three keynote speakers we have here today.’

The Digital Dentistry World Tour

Taking to the stage to talk delegates through the latest in digital dental workflows were Colin Campbell, Chris Navarro and Rupert Austin. All three speakers chosen walked delegates through treating a patient in a modern practice.

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is changing diagnostic capabilities in dentistry. Colin Campbell spoke about ultra-low dose protocols and their use within dentistry. As well as extended indications for CBCT use in dentistry and dental implant template design.

Chris Navarro explained the place and relevance of templates in patient assessment, workflows and surgery. Chris spoke about the improving quality of templates and how dentists can rely on these more often to improve the quality and accuracy of their dentistry.

Finally, Rupert Austin covered intraoral scanning and the role of CAD/CAM. He spoke about the evidence that shows intraoral scanning can improve accuracy and predictability. He also covered how CAD/CAM is improving all the time. Before pointing out the quality of your final restoration all depends on the quality of your in-practice printer.

‘I’ve come along because I’m looking to buy a CT scanner. It’s very important to see the best in the market,’ Michael Abadi, a dentist from Hornchurch, said. ‘I already trust Planmeca. The surgery I worked at previously purchased lots of their equipment.

‘This evening is really good, I’ve seen lots of things I never thought Planmeca offered. My trust with Planmeca has only increased following the things I’ve heard.’

Future of dentistry

Following talks from the keynote speakers at the Digital Dentistry World Tour, delegates could experience Planmeca’s portfolio of dental equipment at a small exhibition. They also had the chance to speak to product specialists about the latest innovations and try them for themselves.

Delegates also had the chance to talk to the keynote speakers and find out what the future of dentistry might hold for their practice.

‘I came to the Digital Dentistry World Tour because I wanted to see what the new equipment and updates were and what Planmeca is doing in digital dentistry,’ Erica Spyer, a dentist in north London, said.

‘I’ve worked previously with Planmeca equipment, so I’m very happy with the brand. It’s interesting to see what’s happening now.

‘This evening has been really good. Everything is going forward towards the digital world. We have to keep being updated with what’s coming up next.

‘If we are not aware, we won’t be able to keep up with the demands from our patients. Our patients are more interested in digital workflows. They ask for all the latest equipment and treatments you can offer. So it’s very important.’

For more information visit www.planmeca.com.

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