Invisalign Pop-Up opens in Westfield, Stratford

Invisalign Pop-up opens in Stratford

Align Technology has launched a new Invisalign Pop-Up, in Westfield Shopping Centre Stratford, east London.

It hopes the pop-up experience will re-invent the way consumers interact with the brand.

It is a new way of accessing information about teeth straightening and connect with Invisalign doctors in the local area.

Fast and convenient Invisalign Pop-Up

Patients are increasingly becoming digital-savvy and informed. Indeed, they want to stay in control of their choices and want their experiences to be fast and convenient.

The Invisalign Pop-Up therefore taps into these trends by offering an interactive brand activation.

‘It takes them on a digital journey to a new smile,’ Alexandra van der Stap, Align Technology VP consumer marketing, EMEA, said.

‘Our previous Invisalign Pop-Up opened in July.

‘It was really the first time we’ve truly engaged consumers in a physical environment as a brand.

‘We learnt a lot from that one-to-one interaction when it comes to their understanding of our product.

‘This has therefore helped us refine our Stratford execution to better inspire and engage consumers.’

Smileview technology

Using Smileview technology, consumers can take a selfie and see a non-clinical visualisation of what their new smile could look like in their own photo.

Afterwards they’re connected to an Invisalign dentist of their choice for a free initial consultation.

They will then determine if they are a good candidate for Invisalign treatment.

The Invisalign Pop-Up also brings real patient stories from the Invisalign Smile Squad to life and includes social media influencers and brand ambassadors.

The Invisalign Pop-Up is located in the North Gallery at Westfield Stratford Shopping Centre.

It is open on Monday-Friday 10am-10pm and weekends 12-6pm.

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