Kevin Green joins Snowbird Finance

Snowbird Finance Ltd are pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin Green as business development director.

Kevin brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience from the finance world and has held various senior roles within several global brands such as Dell, Netapp, Apple and Grenke Leasing.

In these roles, Kevin was instrumental in developing bespoke finance schemes and sales plans as well as training sales teams to effectively offer finance solutions to their clients.

A strategic part of Kevin’s role will be to offer equipment manufacturers and dealers with structured, flexible finance solutions enabling them to meet their business goals whilst satisfying customer needs.

These solutions enable clients to acquire the latest technologies within budget, improve productivity, help future proof their investment (ROI) and minimise the risk of technology obsolescence.


Kevin, commenting on the appointment, said: ‘I am delighted to have joined the team at Snowbird Finance to lead the business development programme.

‘This is an exciting time with so many product initiatives and new technological innovations, we want to develop the way finance is delivered to suppliers, partners and customers across all vertical sectors.’

Managing director, Simon Freeman, commented: ‘We are extremely excited to have Kevin join the senior management team as business development director.

‘With his extensive, experience in developing finance schemes for suppliers this knowledge will enhance our overall offerings and capabilities.

‘We are confident Kevin will embrace the strategic vision of the business and will effectively develop and deliver successful finance solutions.’

If you would like more information please contact Srini Srinivasan, marketing director on [email protected] or call 01932 874674.

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