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Delta Dental Academy gives you its dates to put in your training calendar for this year.

Delta Dental Academy is a dental training provider, with an experienced and reputable background in the dental industry. Headed by two highly respected and very experienced clinicians; Dr Alfonso Rao, a leading implant surgeon, and Dr Massimo Giovarruscio, a specialist in endodontic dentistry. Located in the heart of Bristol City centre in the south west of England, Delta Dental Academy offers a wide range of in-depth training courses specifically focused on improving precise professional areas of skill through a mixture of theoretical lessons and valuable live hands-on practicals.

Our latest offer includes the following courses:

Dental implants in aesthetic zone with Rob Oretti – 17 May

The goal is to create a harmonious aesthetic outcome around dental implants that mimics the surrounding dentition and soft-tissue condition. This is difficult to create and maintain long term. Bone remodelling and soft tissue recession are known adverse factors, which can negatively impact upon the final long-term outcome and the extent of these changes are often considered unpredictable when considering the immediate implant approach. This presentation will discuss the critical factors associated.

Master MTA course with Massimo Giovarruscio and Riccardo – 13 April

This comprehensive hands-on course will take you through all the aspects needed to simplify the use of MTA in endodontics.

MTA is considered the gold standard bioactive material used for sealing and filling permanently many types of endodontic complications. In just one day, you will learn protocols and techniques that can be immediately applied during daily professional routine.

Dental implant fundamentals course with Alfonso Rao – 6 June

This is a comprehensive introduction to surgical and restorative dentistry. Each delegate is given the opportunity to place up to six implants in a patient that is provided by the course, to experience placement in straightforward indications including single tooth and edentulous arch. The restorative module also includes treating patients and you will experience impression taking and the fitting of the implant structure.

  • You will have the opportunity to place at least six dental implants with a live patient
  • You will have the opportunity to treat two-three patient cases from start to finish
  • A Straumann representative will be available at each day of the course
  • Exclusive access to Straumann Smart Online Education
  • Additional mentoring from one of our tutors is also available for an extra fee
  • This course is also available in separate modules
  • 0% finance payment plans available
    • Sinus lift and bone graft – 8, 9 March
    • Teeth whitening – 23 March
    • Endodontic micorsurgery – 17 May
    • Fundamentals in endodontics – 3, 4 June
    • Dento-alveloar CBCT – 18 May
    • 10 days endodontic course – 18 October
    • Straumann pro arch course – 5, 6 April fully booked! New dates 8, 9 November
    • Contemporary posterior indirect technique 15 November
    • Hands-on rubber dam – 19 October.

To learn more about the Delta Dental Academy and the courses we provide, please visit the courses section on our website or alternatively, you can call us on 0117 911 7249 where our experienced team will provide you with all the information you need.

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