High maintenance and worth it: seven reasons to choose the Maintain Retainer

Frustrated with fiddly retainer bonding procedures? Dreaming of a ready-to-fit retainer with minimal hassle? Look no further. Here are seven reasons why the Maintain Retainer is singlehandedly tackling the most common orthodontic retention challenges faced by GDPs and orthodontists.

1. Dual support

Maintain offers a dual retention approach in the form of a fixed lingual retainer plus a removable vacuum formed retainer.

With Maintain, you’re getting a second to none belt and braces approach.

2. A handy additional retainer is provided

There are lots of reasons why you might want a spare retainer.

This is why two are provided – one acting as the transfer jig for the lingual wire, and one extra just in case you need it.

3. The transfer jig is really easy to use!

No more fiddling around blindly during bonding. Hands-free with a clear view, the custom fit vacuum formed transfer jig makes for easy-peasy bonding.

4. Maximum lingual contact with Straight 8 wire

Not all lingual retainer wire is made equal.

Straight 8 Plus’ flattened rectangular shaped retainer wire provides maximum surface contact in comparison to round wires with a minimal contact point.

Try it for yourself.

5. Less chairside time

Conveniently scan or take your impressions for Maintain with fixed appliances still in place.

This means the fitting takes place at the same time as de-bonding – all in one appointment. You’re welcome.

6. Passive retainer placement

Maintain’s vacuum-formed transfer jig helps minimise the risk of unwanted torque forces.

After bonding, cut it away and there you have a retainer.

7. Rely on great service

The team at DB Orthodontics Lab, Studio 8, based at HQ, offers a five-day turnaround and accepts alginate, silicone or digital scans. Plus, they’re genuinely nice people who are available for support over the phone, which helps of course.

Your patients’ smiles are our priority. Maintain is an innovative dual retention approach to ensure all orthodontic smiles stay beautiful for a lifetime.

To arrange a practice visit or for more information on Maintain call +44 (0) 1535 656 999, email [email protected] or visit www.dbortho.com.

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