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A-dec looks into the growth of aesthetic dentistry, and explains how taking some design and marketing tips from a high-end spa could help you add a similar sense of luxury to your practice

The popularity of cosmetic dentistry is growing rapidly. This may have been influenced by the dazzling smiles of A-list celebrities and the rise of television shows such as The Only Way is Essex and Love Island, leading to younger generations of Brits to become more conscious of their smile in recent years.

Whatever the reason, statistics from a Bupa Dental Care survey in 2018 show a significant trend in millennials opting for cosmetic dentistry but disregarding the importance of regular dental check-ups and their overall oral health.

According to the survey, almost half of young people aged 18-34 have had a tooth whitening treatment, with more than a third stating that they whiten their teeth at least once a week.

With more at-home whitening kits appearing in high-street stores and online, dentists are increasingly looking to find a way to differentiate themselves and add value to their whitening services, so patients feel they are getting value for their money. One way to do this is to present patients with a luxurious, spa-like feel to your practice.

Pure indulgence

Tooth whitening is typically seen as an elective, an indulgent way to boost one’s self esteem. Therefore, taking some design and marketing tips from a high-end spa could help you add a similar sense of luxury to your practice. It may also help patients feel more relaxed and pampered, enabling them to better justify the spend on non-essential dental procedures.

To achieve this, consider the patient’s journey from the front door of your practice through to the dental chair. What might they see, smell, and hear as they walk around your practice?

Beautifully fragranced reed diffusers, white orchids, calming, neutral tones and soft ambient music are all easy and relatively low-cost ways to replicate this feel throughout your practice. Masking the traditional smells, sounds and medical apparatus of a dental surgery can also be helpful for reducing anxiety in nervous patients.

For true luxury and patient comfort during the procedure, invest in a stylish and relaxing dental chair, to reassure and relax the patient. The difference that a new dental chair can make to the aesthetics of a practice and, crucially, how your patient’s feel about your business overall can be significant.

Presenting a patient with an attractive and comfortable dental chair can make a patient feel more relaxed and more confident in their dentist, as you have been able to invest in your equipment and technology.

Having the right dental chair becomes especially important when carrying out more lengthy cosmetic procedures, as the last thing you need when during precise dental work is a restless patient.

The A-dec 500 is pressure-mapped with layers of cushioning, without thick upholstery or compromising your access to the oral cavity. It is designed to ensure your patients feel supported, reducing pressure points and providing exceptional support across the entire body in order to keep them relaxed and comfortable for hours, if necessary. 

To find out more about A-dec, or to visit one of their showrooms, call 0800 233 285 or email [email protected]

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