Final 50 Efficient Aesthetic kits available!

Ivoclar Vivadent’s Efficient Aesthetics campaign is coming to an end.

The dental-products manufacturer has created a test pack to demonstrate that when using this group of products, dentists can save valuable time during appointments and even treat more patients in the same amount of time without compromising on quality.

Used situationally, optimal products can improve the efficiency in restorative care without jeopardising the treatment quality and dental aesthetics.

Ivoclar Vivadent offers dentists an efficient process for the placement of composite restorations based on modern systems and materials such as:

  • Optragate – the lip and cheek retractor
  • Adhese Universal – the universal adhesive
  • Tetric Evo-Line – the family of composites featuring conventional materials for anterior restorations placed in the layering technique and bulk-fill materials for posterior fillings in the 4mm incremental technique
  • Optrasculpt – the contouring instruments with anti-stick properties
  • Bluephase G4 – the high-performance LED curing light with the intelligent curing assistant
  • Optrapol – the effective single-step polishing system.

Take advantage of one of the final 50 Efficient Aesthetics test-kits.

Simply click here to receive your no-obligation consultation and free test-kit.

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