Benefit from digital impressions from £40

Intraoral scanners such as the 3Shape Trios, are handheld 3D scanning devices used to take digital impressions.

CT Dent offers intraoral scanning services starting from only £40 at its London branch.

Through the emission of a light beam images of the dental arches are collected.

One of the most noticeable benefits of using this type of scanner is the impact it has on a patient’s overall dental experience.

Not only does it create a more comfortable experience for the patient, but it also allows the patient to see the 3D colour impression of their teeth and gums immediately after the scan is complete.

Restorations made from digital impressions are not only completed faster, they are also delivered with a more accurate fit and require fewer adjustments.

The precision reduces the need for remakes, so patients don’t have to worry about coming back to the dentist for a repeated procedure – eliminating many of the pitfalls of using alginate.

For further details please call 020 7487 5717 or visit for more detailed information on CT Dent’s services.

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