Artificial intelligence software traced a perfect ID nerve in 4.5 seconds


Artificial intelligence (AI) in dentistry is dedicated to teaching computers how to automate radiological diagnostics using deep learning.

Its use is increasing and CT Dent is at the forefront of these technological advances – its AI software recently traced a perfect ID nerve in 4.5 seconds, the first time in dental history.

Machine learning provides a point of view that was not previously possible through human diagnosis.

It is a technique in computer sciences to find and train algorithms to solve tasks using real examples, rather than explaining exactly how to do it.

In addition to using AI for ceph tracing reports, CT Dent has spent a considerable amount of time developing and testing its own machine learning artificial intelligence.

It allows us to process scans in a matter of seconds with a 99.7% success rate.

Although accurate, for additional quality control its processing team still check the scan whilst the evolution of this AI continues to gain pace.

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