No screw, no glue – a prosthodontic dream come true!

Introducing the ground-breaking Acuris conometric concept from Dentsply Sirona. The next-generation of implant prosthetics – without cement or screws – offering a brand new innovative solution for the restoration of implants.

When it comes to the restoration of implants, traditionally there have been two ways for successful retention between the crown and abutment – screw-retained or cement-retained. Both are tried and trusted solutions and have many advantages, and occasionally, some limitations. But now, based on an innovation by Dr Marco Degidi working in close collaboration with Dentsply Sirona, there is a third way – and it’s a game-changer. Instead of cement or screws, the Acuris conometric concept uses friction retention to secure the crown and cap onto the abutment – and thanks to the unique Fixation Tool, it takes just seconds.

These outstanding restorations are extremely precise, cement-free, easy to place, biologically driven and cost-effective: in short they represent a new standard in implant prosthetics. No other company provides this option, again proving that Dentsply Sirona continues to innovate, adding pioneering solutions for the improvement of implant dentistry.

Because the final crown is cemented onto the cap extra-orally and with friction between the abutment and cap providing the retention, there’s no cementation in the patient’s mouth and no residual cement to clean around the implant collar. Handling outside the mouth makes the entire process easier and safer, and thanks to the friction retention there are no screw holes because there is no need to screw the crown onto the abutment and no risk of the screw loosening, resulting in long-term stability.

Increased patient satisfaction

For the patient this method offers several advantages. Patient satisfaction is increased as the treatment is designed to be more convenient and streamlined. Without cement or screws, there is less risk of biological complications, especially the risk of peri-implantitis that studies suggest is caused by excess cement (Linkevicius et al, 2013).

Patients spend less time in the chair as the final restoration takes seconds rather than 10-15 minutes using traditional methods. The joined crown and cap are placed on the abutment then it takes just one click using the patented Fixation Tool to secure it. Not only is this more convenient for patients but also gives clinicians time to treat more patients or perform other necessary procedures whilst making the workflow in the lab more efficient and cost-effective.

Accuracy and ease of use

The extreme accuracy and design of the abutment and cap and ease of use makes Acuris an outstanding solution. Although the restoration is firmly fixed the crown can be easily retrieved at any time using the Fixation Tool for extra-oral cleaning, maintenance or corrections if required and secured again with a simple click.

The functionality of Acuris has been thoroughly tested by Dentsply Sirona with excellent results along with studies showing it leads to more predictable, high-quality outcomes (Wilson, 2009).

This includes a thorough test of the conometric connection over time under cyclic loading with all tested samples maintaining their stability.

Guaranteed long-term results

Acuris will be available for all major Dentsply Sirona implant systems: Ankylos, Astra Tech Implant System and Xive. The prelaunch of Acuris on the Ankylos implant system at the International Congress on Ankylos in Berlin in June demonstrated the complete assortment of abutments, drivers, caps and instruments, which makes Acuris suitable for use in all positions without aesthetic or clinical complications. All abutments, caps and the final crown are designed to make the conometric concept easy and efficient, with guaranteed excellent long-term results.

Dr Marco Degidi, who developed the Acuris concept, is convinced that this is the future: ‘Once you’ve tried Acuris you won’t want to go back. When clinicians see how simple, easy and predictable it is to do and the amount of clinical time they can save every day I believe they will become “conometric-addicted”!’

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Wilson TG Jr (2009) The positive relationship between excess cement and peri-implant disease: a prospective clinical endoscopic study.
J Periodontol 80(9): 1388-92

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