EAO Congress review

More than 3,000 delegates from 80 countries took part in the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO) annual Congress last week

The EAO’s 2018 Congress drew to a close with a glittering awards ceremony celebrating cutting edge research in implant dentistry. Following three packed days of presentations, the EAO awarded seven prestigious European scientific prizes:

  • European Prize for Basic Research in Implant Dentistry. Ralf Kohal
  • European Prize for Clinical Research – Surgery. Stefan Bienz
  • European Prize for Clinical Research – Prosthetics. Carina Boven
  • European Prize for European Prize for Clinical Research – Peri-implant Biology. Marco Clementini
  • European Prize for Research in Implant Dentistry: Poster Presentation. Balazs Feher
  • European Prize for Clinical Innovations in Implant Dentistry. Simone Cortellini
  • European Prize for Clinical Video on Implant Dentistry. Veronica Pohl

Nine dentists also received the EAO’s prestigious certificate in implant-based therapy. This followed their successful completion of an oral and written examination in Vienna – the final stage of the certification process.

Spain was particularly well represented following a successful pilot project with postgraduate students from the International University of Cataluña in Barcelona.

The three chairmen of the Vienna meeting, Ronald Jung, Michael Payer and Georg Mailath-Pokorny received EAO silver medals in recognition of their work in organising the Congress.

Professor Björn Klinge, past President of the EAO and long-time co-chair of the EAO’s Consensus Conference, was awarded with a gold medal for exceptional service to the EAO. This was a special moment for the EAO, recognising Professor Klinge’s long and extensive contribution to the association.

New website launched

During the meeting the EAO also launched a new website showcasing ‘Key points for Clinical Practice from the EAO Consensus Conference’. This features a concise summary of the findings of the 2018 EAO Consensus Conference, complemented by key points that clinicians can use in their day-to-day practice. The website also features a PDF download of the guidelines in nine languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Live surgery

The 2018 Congress broke new ground with three sessions focused on live surgery. On the Thursday, the three surgical teams described the procedures they would carry out, with some of the patients joining them on stage in the auditorium. On Friday delegates watched the live surgical sessions and saw each of the four cases that were treated. The two local surgical teams returned on Saturday to discuss the cases, again joined by their patients.

The third team, based in Graz, participated by video link. This innovative format brought implant dentistry out of the surgery and right into the auditorium, showing real cases taking place in real time. It was a unique opportunity for many delegates to see a wide range of clinical cases unfold first-hand.


EAO website: www.eao.org

EAO congress website: www.eao-congress.com/en/

Twitter: @EAO_Association

Facebook: facebook.com/europeanassociationforosseointegration

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/european-association-for-osseointegration

Instagram: @eao_association

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