The Dentsply Sirona class II solution uncovered: part one – a natural shape and reliable bond

Dentsply Sirona’s suite of products for class II restorations were designed to work together as a complete end-to-end solution. In a series of articles, we delve deeper into each stage to find out what makes them so effective. In part one, we learn how the success of a restoration is heavily reliant upon achieving a natural shape and a reliable bond.

In a 2017 survey of UK dentists conducted by Dentsply Sirona, 59% rated contact point creation as their primary concern with class II restorations.

Palodent V3

Palodent V3 enables clinicians to attain a tight gingival seal and recreate the natural contours of the tooth thus recreating the correct interproximal contact.

Accurate contacts: the Palodent V3 matrices are anatomically shaped and follow the natural shape of the prepared tooth when applied and secured with wedges and a ring to hold it in place. The ring itself is made of nickel titanium and delivers consistent separation force on molars and premolars to ensure the matrices stay in place during the subsequent stages of the restoration.

A tight seal: the matrices, wedges and ring are all applied using special application forceps and together they create a tight seal around the restorative field.

Efficient: the natural shape achieved by Palodent V3 reduces time spent finishing and the risk of incorrect interproximal contacts. The system can also be configured for multiple restorations at once, and the Wedgeguard protects the adjacent tooth too, enabling the clinician to work faster without fear of damaging surrounding dentition.

Prime&bond Active

Around 10%-15%i of composite restorations on posterior teeth result in post-operative sensitivity. The ‘holy grail’ of bonding adhesives is one that can achieve full adhesive coverage even in over-wet or over-dry conditions. It will be easy to use, able to penetrate all the cracks and fissures, non-toxic and able to self-level to achieve a uniform adhesive layer.

Enter Prime&bond Active, a situation-ready, universal adhesive, which can be used with any etching method and across all direct and indirect restorations. It has a patented ‘Active-guard’ formulation containing two molecules, which gives the adhesive its active qualities.

Self-levelling: Prime&bond Active is formulated to actively spread. Its low film thickness prevents it pooling in the proximal box and creates a thin and uniform adhesive layer. Its low viscosity also makes it easy to apply, which is also helped by the precise dispensing available as either bottle or single unit dose options.

Thirty-minute working time: a comfortable working time of 30 minutes, when used with a closed Clixdish, which minimises waste and allows the filling of multiple cavities in one go.

Active moisture control: Prime&bond Active’s innovative active formulation means it mixes actively with water and covers the cavity evenly. The excess water then evaporates together with the solvent, resulting in a homogeneous adhesive layer.

Non-toxic: the new cross-linker inside the Prime&bond Active formulation allows it to be completely free of monomers like HEMA and BPA but still creates an active solution that combines with Penta and NDP to deliver an effective universal adhesive.

A solid foundation for class II restorations

Incorrect interproximal contacts and adhesive failure will both ultimately lead to restoration failure. Achieving a natural tooth shape and a uniform adhesive layer are the building blocks on which the following steps of a class II restoration are built. If the clinician fails to achieve either of these, the long-term durability of the restoration is compromised and it will eventually fail.

Compromise is not an option in class II restorations and so clinicians must find solutions that not only stand up to the test individually, but also work synergistically to create a restoration that is greater, and more long-lasting, than the sum of its parts.

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