BDA slams water fluoridation ‘myths’ and ‘alternative facts’

fluoridationThe BDA slams comments made by Hull’s finance chief councillor, Phil Webster, on water fluoridation.

Yorkshire Water is carrying out a water fluoridation feasibility study, costing £68,000.

Former chairman of the health and wellbeing board, Councillor Colin Inglis, believes adding fluoride to drinking water the best way to tackle the poor oral health found in Hull and the East Riding.

When questioned on the scheme, Mr Webster said he wouldn’t accept the spending of ‘one more penny on this foolhardy scheme’, with ‘no appetite for it whatsoever’.

He went on say it was ‘too expensive, undemocratic and unproven’.

Fluoridation bids

The British Dental Association (BDA) has backed the fluoridation scheme suggesting Government should guarantee financial support to councils exploring proposals.

Public Health England suggests fluoridation could result in a £22 return on investment for every £1 spent after 10 years.

Many local councils face anti-fluoridation campaigners, who have stopped previous fluoridation bids in areas such as Southampton.

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‘The UK Government’s own models show fluoridation could shave millions off the bill for extracting kids’ teeth in hospitals,’ the BDA’s health and science chair, Russ Ladwa, said.

‘Sadly cash-strapped councils have been given no support to even consider the single most cost-effective intervention.

‘Councillors have a responsibility not to peddle myths or “alternative facts”.

‘Fluoridation is a proven method of reducing the huge burden of childhood decay.

‘Yes, town hall accountants lack resources, but they must not use that as basis to misrepresent a clear scientific consensus.

‘If Hull waves a white flag it will be a victory for the professional doom mongers, that will only discourage communities across England from exploring proposals that could save hundreds of thousands of children and adults from needless pain and distress.

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