Reverse osmosis – a simple way to achieve HTM 01-05 and L8 compliance

Yet another recent report recommends that reservoir water bottles in dental chairs be filled with freshly-produced reverse osmosis (RO) or distilled water, as they are less likely to contain Nontuberculous Mycobacteria and Pseudomonads found in potable water (Pankhurst, 2017).

This advice supports the technical guidance of HSG274 (part 3) of the L8 Approved Code of Practice, as well as section 6.84 of the industry bible – HTM 01-05 (2013).

Cleancert’s RO water filter is a fast, easy and cost-effective system for providing as much purified water as the dental practice needs, on tap.

The fast ‘tool-free’ cartridge connections are one reason why Cleancert RO is increasingly recognised as the number one choice by dental professionals.

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Pankhurst CL, Scully C and Samaranayake L (2017) Dental unit water lines and their disinfection and management: A Review Dental Update 44: 284-92

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