GDC launches consultation on education and training

GDCThe General Dental Council (GDC) has launched a consultation on the way it quality assures education and training.

Proposals in the consultation include an assessment of a future professional’s scope of practice, an education provider’s past performance, management of issues and challenges they are facing, and an annual self-assessment.

Registrants can respond to the registration by visiting

‘This consultation upholds the commitments made in Shifting the balance – we want to channel our resources efficiently and effectively into those areas that will bring the greatest benefit, while working closely with training and education providers,’ Ross Scales, acting head of education policy and quality assurance, said.

Another proposed change to inspection activity is the introduction of an enhanced annual self-assessment submission.

This will require training and education providers to feedback on an array of topics, including: successes, challenges and a progress report against actions required.


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