How to attract ‘high quality’ patients

Doctify explains how it can help you attract high quality patients to your clinic.

As any practising dentist will tell you, not all patients are created equal. So, how exactly can you attract those elusive high quality patients to your clinic?

One of the most effective ways to make sure services and treatments like Invisalign and teeth whitening are taken up by patients is to make sure they are clearly advertised. It sounds simple, but its true – if you want patients to book high value treatments with you, they have to know you offer them in the first place.

Making it as easy as possible

With a Doctify profile, dental clinics can list available treatments in pane view – they are the first thing a prospective patient sees when they click on your page. These treatments each list a price and, when clicked on, drop down to show a brief description and a ‘book now’ button.

That is the next point; make sure the treatments you are offering are as easy to book as possible. By having the option not only to learn a little more about the dental implants or braces, or whichever specific procedure you most want to push, but also to be able to book right there on the page – it means patients need go no further to get what they want.

At Doctify, we want to deliver on the things that are most important to you as a practising dentist. We push treatments and practices in order to encourage quality, long-term patients and our strategies are targeted and focused.

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