The modelling wax ideal for today’s private market

Anutex HS – High Stability Modelling Wax is a high temperature stability wax that is easy to work and fabricate.

This is due to the unique rolling process used at the Kemdent factory where Anutex HS is made; this process imparts excellent handling characteristics to the wax.

Anutex HS trims easily and cleanly with a primary softening temperature typically of 41°C – 45°C.

Anutex HS will not irritate oral tissues, plus it does not distort unduly in the mouth.

It creates a wax-up, which simulates the features of natural gingival.

When setting the teeth Anutex HS softens easily, cools quickly to allow for adjustment and trimming.

This feature is very important for the technician as any amendments to the teeth become very simple to do, saving time because the wax sets quickly allowing work to continue.

These characteristics mean that Anutex HS – High Stability Modelling Wax is an ideal wax for creating the high quality wax-ups needed in today’s private market and in turn this helps the technician and the dentist to work together to provide the patient with a life-like denture they can wear with confidence.

Quote reference SCH001 and order one 20kg Anutex HS today for only £144.98 + VAT.

For further information and offers on Kemdent’s Modelling Wax range, contact Jodie on 01793 770256.

E-mail [email protected] or visit our website

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