What patient reviews can do for you

Online reviews are here to stay. They inform our decisions and habits every single day and dentistry is no exception.

Patients can now rate their experiences and provide feedback online for all the world to see. But this shouldn’t be regarded as a concern – it should be embraced as an opportunity.

If used intelligently, there can be great advantages to reviews, both for patients and a dentist’s private work.

Star ratings on Google

These days, anyone using the internet is familiar with those bright yellow stars that appear on Google. We see them when we book a hotel, buy something online or even order a takeaway.

It’s essential that dentistry professionals not only welcomes these reviews, but, even more importantly, learn how to engage, manage and benefit from them.

How Doctify can help


Getting positive feedback from a patient or client is a great feeling, especially if you can share it. On Doctify, dentists can enhance positive reviews by responding effectively and can rectify negative feedback with the appropriate response.

Either way, engaging helps to develop an authentic online reputation that builds trust and adds credibility.

Manage your online presence

There are multiple platforms that facilitate reviews. However, the additional services and features they offer tend to vary, for example: some use a verified system, some don’t. It’s important to find a platform that works for you and can improve how you present yourself online, while simultaneously benefiting your private work.

Reviews left through Doctify are all from verified patients, left either through our review app or by using a unique code given to dentists and clinics.

The benefits of reviews

Word of mouth is still one of the most effective ways of attracting new patients. As a result, online reviews have gone from a nice extra feature to a must-have. They have become essential in the patient decision making process and in maintaining a good word of mouth reputation in the healthcare industry in the digital age.

Doctify is a trusted Google review system, which means that when you accrue reviews on the site, these appear as a star rating beside your name on Google results pages. This inspires immediate confidence and gives Doctify dentists an edge over competitors.

Learn more at www.doctify.co.uk

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