Nobel Biocare partners with Dentalpoint AG to offer unique implant solution

At the 2017 European Association of Osseointegration (EAO) Congress in Madrid, Spain, Nobel Biocare announced it has entered into a partnership agreement with Dentalpoint AG, a leader in ceramic dental implants, to add a zirconia implant solution to its portfolio.

The partnership with Dentalpoint AG will add a new implant option to Nobel Biocare’s leading range of titanium dental implants with the clinically proven TiUnite surface. The innovations from Dentalpoint AG, known for its Zeramex implant brand, are intended to help clinicians meet patient demand for metal-free solutions and high-end aesthetics.

Utilising breakthrough manufacturing technology, Dentalpoint AG is the developer of the first completely metal-free two-piece bone level implant system with internal connection that is not dependent on cement. Screw-retained with an innovative metal-free screw, the two-piece nature of the system means that clinicians can treat patients with a zirconia implant using protocols similar to those they are familiar with for traditional implants. It also offers greater restorative flexibility compared with existing one-piece or cement-retained ceramic implant options.

A solution featuring this first-of-a-kind technology will be available from Nobel Biocare in early 2018.

Hans Geiselhöringer, president, Nobel Biocare said, ‘Nobel Biocare has been actively researching ceramic dental implant technology for many years. In Dentalpoint AG we have now found a partner and solution that meet the high standards we and our customers demand. As a result of this partnership, Nobel Biocare customers will very soon be able to offer their patients the very first completely metal-free screw-retained two-piece implant solution with an internal connection. It is the ideal addition to our already extensive range of solutions that maintain tissue-health and deliver long-lasting aesthetics.’

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