Better choices to save your oral health this Christmas

christmasChristmas time can be a nightmare for your oral health, however a new list could help guide your patients.

The guide, put together by White Glo’s team of in-house dentists, lists the best options for traditional foods during Christmas.

For example, when it comes to mince pies, Waitrose all butter mince pies are the best option, which contain 11.5g of sugar per pie, whilst Sainsbury’s contain 24.8g and Tesco’s contain 20.5g.

‘While some Christmas foods like cranberries have great health benefits, they are highly acidic and best consumed in moderation,’ James Buchanon, from White Glo, explains.

‘Considering how much is consumed over Christmas Day and Boxing Day, teeth really don’t get a chance to recover.

‘Extra vigilance is required with teeth brushing routines and I always recommend brushing teeth just once more than normal, to rid the surface of teeth from excess sugars, which can continue to damage enamel long after high sugar foods are consumed.’

Sugary Christmas treats

Ferrero Rocher or Lindt are the best chocolate and biscuit selection boxes, containing 39g, compared with over 58g for other brands.

However, shortbread biscuits may be a more favourable option for your oral health this Christmas, with Walker’s shortbread containing only 11.3g of sugar.

Tesco Christmas cakes contain 41.8g of sugar, however Asda comes in best at 32g.

Despite this non-iced cakes are an even better choice for oral health, with Waitrose non-iced rich fruit containing only 24g of sugar.

To round of your Christmas meal, Asda is the best place to pick up a Christmas pudding, coming in at 40g of sugar, compared with 52g from Morrisons and 49g from Iceland.

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