Reducing neck and back pain amongst dentists

Kavo explains how its innovations are helping with dentists’ ergonomics.

Eighty per cent of dentists suffer back pain during their career and of those who retire early, 30% do so due to persistent back pain. There are multiple causes of musculoskeletal disorders for a dental professional. Some examples include limited access to the oral cavity, improper leg positioning, incorrect positioning of the patient, twisting or bending to practice, repetitive movement and physical strains. These can lead to discomfort, decreased work performance, an inability to perform tasks or even time off work, which may result in a loss of earnings. It may also mean a long-term limitation of movement or disability or surgery, which could mark the end of a career in dentistry, according to the BDA website.

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As far back as 1965, Kavo recognised the importance of healthy posture with the development of the 1025 patient chair. This was a ground-breaking product innovation, which allowed dentists to ergonomically treat patients in the supine position. Since then, Kavo has worked tirelessly to develop equipment, instruments and accessories to support comfortable and ergonomic daily workflows with wider ranging height adjustments, extendable instrument hoses and multi-functional foot controls amongst some of the developments. The E70/E80 Vision from Kavo is one of our most ergonomically designed units.

In touch with your vision

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It all started with an idea, a vision. We wanted to develop a new kind of treatment concept, which didn’t just focus on our technical expertise but more importantly the needs of the clinician and the clinical team. This meant we didn’t just focus on features that we were able to develop, but instead features that would add real benefit to daily surgery life and enhance what was possible from a workflow point of view.

What does the E70/E80 Vision offer

  • Sensitive touch screen control panel on the dentist and assistant element provides fast, direct access to features to aid smooth workflow
  • The multi-functional foot control is operated by moving the foot to the right or left, rather than up and down, which relaxes leg muscles, even when standing. Both chair and handpiece functions can be controlled from one foot control. The cordless version means that the foot control can be placed wherever it is required
  • The dentist element can be optimally positioned in any treatment position for easy reach. On the swing arm version, there is considerable freedom of movement from the generous 90cm extension length of the instrument hoses
  • Highest and lowest positions of the patient chair ranging from 350mm to 900mm (E80 Vision) means that comfortable working is possible in a seated or standing position
  • Style and design – AGR certified suspended chair concept allows for freedom of movement, comfortable leg positioning and a relaxed seated position.

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