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Click4teeth is a new initiative putting implant dentists in touch with potential patients.

Your clinical skills may be second to none, but how good are you at marketing them? It can be difficult bringing your services to the attention of potential implant patients.

Click4teeth is part of a national campaign to make more people aware of the implant option, help them find a local implant dentist, and get them in the chair for treatment.

Additionally, implant dentists who want to grow their business can now access specialist professional support provided by the experienced team at The Niblett Whellams Partnership. Under the Healthcare Specialist Marketing initiative, the company has developed a range of services designed to support implant dentistry growth.

Making connections

Co-founder, Lisa Whellams, explains: ‘After over a decade of working with implant dentists and their suppliers, we are acutely aware of the huge, and relatively unexploited, potential further growth from providing replacements for millions of people’s missing or failing natural teeth.

‘We are actively recruiting suitable implant dentists to put in touch with patients who are making online enquiries about dental implant treatment, through Click4teeth.’

Joining Click4teeth gives implant dentists access to additional services to help gain more enquiries from potential implant patients, and to convert more of the interest generated into cases treated. These proven packages include online and traditional local media campaigning, patient events, in-practice marketing aids, patient case studies, practice marketing mentoring and initiatives to encourage more referrals from other dentists.

Individual directory pages are limited to featured dentists, providing an easy and inexpensive way to gain new implant patients. What’s more, the annual subscription costs less than the average treatment fee income from one extra implant case.

It may be just the support you need to transform your implant services into a thriving part of your business.

One featured dentist had this to say…

Dr Alan Carter from [email protected], Dunfermline, says: ‘I would thoroughly recommend joining Click4teeth to other implant dentists. Click4teeth reinforces our own efforts to generate new business and provides value for money.

‘I am very pleased with the support I get from the Healthcare Specialist Marketing team. Through a range of support packages, they are proactively helping me to grow my implant business and maximise the potential of online patient enquiries.

‘Click4teeth is generating additional good quality leads, which we are converting into booked consultations.’

For more information call the Click4teeth team on 01672 811778 or email [email protected].

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