Improving access to implant dentistry

Chris Meldrum explains why he joined Anthogyr, the latest entrant to the British dental implant market.

Anthogyr is a new name to the British market. Can you tell us about the company’s ethos?

Anthogyr is a family business with eight worldwide subsidiaries and distribution in 100 countries. The company has a 70-year history in precision engineering of dental products. Customer relations are at the heart of the Anthogyr philosophy and its power is in the growing team of enthusiastic people with strong relationship development qualities.

What encouraged you to get involved?

I was very impressed by the culture of Anthogyr and the feeling of being part of the family. The company is big enough to be at the forefront of engineering innovation, while still being small enough to value the relationship with its customers and employees.

Anyone who visits the factory cannot help but be impressed by the company’s heritage and ambitions. The implant system has been developed in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with the clinician constantly in mind. The result really is as good as it gets – a design that is second to none and value for money. You really can have it all!

What are your priorities as general manager?

My priority has always been to make a difference to people with missing teeth by improving access to implant dentistry. Being able to eat, talk, laugh and smile normally can be really life-changing for so many patients.

Interest in dental implant treatment is growing all the time but the British market still remains largely untapped. NHS statistics (the 2009 Adult Dental Health Survey) show that about 6% of adults have no teeth at all, almost 20% wear dentures and many more have gaps filled by dental bridgework. My focus now is to establish Anthogyr in Great Britain as a company known for helping clinicians to achieve their business development goals.

What can dentists look forward to from Anthogyr?

First and foremost, Anthogyr’s portfolio of world-class systems is at the cutting edge of implant dentistry.

Axiom is a high performing implant for every indication, with conical connection and platform-switching for more predictable and aesthetic outcomes.

Simeda is a comprehensive and flexible range of CAD/CAM prosthetics, compatible with most implant systems. The surgical and restorative kits are straightforward and save time. The company also produces a wide range of dental instruments, and has everything a dentist needs to grow their implant business.

So what makes Anthogyr’s products different?

I like to use the analogy of going back to the eighties. If we compare the cars, fashion and music of the time with modern equivalents, they seem dated: at the time, they were trendy, but things have moved on. Implant systems have not changed substantially in recent times.

That said, Anthogyr listens to feedback from implant surgeons and has designed Axiom to take the limiting factors out of the equation.

How do you see digital technology influencing implant dentistry?

Digital systems are revolutionising implant dentistry, with innovations that make every stage of the process more precise.

Anthogyr is committed to harnessing latest technology to move implant dentistry forward. Its Simeda product enables customised prosthetics to be fabricated in the optimum conditions, using high grade materials, to provide the best outcome for the patient.

Can British dentists see Anthogyr’s facilities for themselves?

Yes, indeed. I am sure they will be as impressed as I was! The headquarters are located in Sallanches, France, at the base of Mont Blanc, which provides a stunning backdrop to the state-of-the-art manufacturing and training facilities.

How can implant dentists get involved?

Anthogyr is fully engaged on delivering the best service to our customers. Any dentist who shares our enthusiasm for developing the implant market in Britain can be sure of receiving the full backing of the Anthogyr team. They can get in touch with us for a free Axiom test drive on 0800 085 7119.

Chris Meldrum is general manager of Anthogyr GB.

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