UK dental overheads are a cruel joke for many dentists

The Dentist’s Advantage explains how it could help to keep your overheads under control.

If you think your overhead is out of control, you’re not imagining it. BDA figures show that dentists are now 35% worse off than 10 years ago.

The UK economic prognosis for 2017 makes grim reading, with inflation, increasing petrol prices and more house-price inflation at the core of the predictions. What will happen after Brexit?

Surveys show that UK dentists are experiencing more stress and burnout, with money being by and far the biggest cause. Money problems left unresolved drain the enjoyment and fulfilment right out of your practice and eventually negatively impact your home as well.

You’re busting your chops seeing upwards of 20 or more patients a day, yet your bottom line just doesn’t reflect all this hard work you’re doing. Somehow, you’re just not making as much as you want.

Break the Chains! Transcend your net profit by joining the Dentist’s Advantage.

What is The Dentist’s Advantage all about?

The Dentist’s Advantage was started to provide a resource that would enable independent dental practices to improve their bottom line and thrive by taking control of some of the factors that cause a decline in profitability.

The Dentist’s Advantage has negotiated preferred pricing with over 35 reputable alliance partners.

Membership is currently only £360 a year and is practically a risk-free resource that every independent dentist in the United Kingdom should utilise. The Dentist’s Advantage is for your advantage. The more members we have, the louder our voice becomes to negotiate preferred pricing for you. By becoming a member, you are on the cutting edge of this important movement to keep independent dental practices profitable.

The reasons you choose to have an independent dental practice for many of you is that you want to be able to have some control and autonomy in your practice and your future. Perhaps, you want the opportunity to create a great business and build a lifestyle and retirement plan.

By accessing and utilising The Dentist’s Advantage resources, you will improve the profitability and enjoyment of your dental practice. If you yourself don’t have time to explore and use the resources available, empower your staff to do so on your behalf.

How much does each 1% in excess overhead cost you?

  • For example, with £500,000 annual net collections and a 65% overhead (£325,000), 1% of excess overhead = £3,250/year
  • Over 20 years with 7% inflation, £3,250/year x 7% x 20 years = £350,152

1% of excess overhead over 20 years is £350,152.

Imagine what 10% excess overhead is costing you. Is controlling your overhead important?

Take a moment and share this message with your network of like-minded dentists and colleagues.

I cannot emphasise this enough; the more members we have the more negotiating power we have and the more resources we can provide. Take action today.

For more information on The Dentist’s Advantage visit, email [email protected] or call 020 7099 2077.

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