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the dentist's advantageThe Dentist’s Advantage Membership Program puts the power back in your hands – making your dental business more profitable.

Employing group bargaining power with key suppliers and manufacturers, The Dentist’s Advantage saves you thousands in overhead expenses.

The Dentist’s Advantage (TDA) specialises in providing a membership based discount program for the dental profession, who can access benefits and savings from our exclusive merchant network. Partnering with leading businesses to provide a comprehensive portfolio of the best products and services to members, TDA assists the dental profession in lowering costs, increasing profit, lowering stress and driving business growth.

Dentistry costs

Dentistry has the highest overheads of any profession and this overhead seems to be creeping up every year. As a result, you take home less net income and of that, you’re paying higher taxes than ever before. As dentistry becomes more competitive, overhead control becomes more of a factor. Every quarter percent that you can save from your overhead can make a huge difference in your profit margin. You have to be able to buy supplies, equipment, legal services, accountant services, insurance, marketing, practice management and a few dozen other things at more cost-effective rates to begin to turn the tables.

The Dentist’s Advantage works for you, studying products and services available to you as dental professionals, so that you can make the best purchasing decisions for your needs. TDA works to make your lives fairer, putting your needs first to bring you better value.


Your practice is a business that has one specific purpose: to provide you with a great lifestyle and the freedom to enjoy that lifestyle. As a member of The Dentist’s Advantage, you take home more net profit and have a better lifestyle, the freedom to enjoy that lifestyle and have enough left over to put towards retiring with a great lifestyle.

The Dentist’s Advantage is taking a stand for the little guy in a jungle of corporate driven, big business, by presenting a united front to protect the purchasing power of small dental businesses, and it’s working to make small independent dental professionals strong, so they can get ahead and stay ahead.

As a member of The Dentist’s Advantage, you enjoy exclusive, pre-negotiated discounted pricing from suppliers on thousands of different products.

You save every time you make a purchase.

Start saving today.

For more information visit, email [email protected] or call 020 7099 2077.

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