On the Toss of a Coin – a memoir of a near-death illness…and a fight for survival

on the toss of a coin
Michael Wise has written On the Toss of a Coin, a book telling his near-death experience with septicaemia

On the Toss of a Coin is the new book written by Michael Wise, specialist oral surgery and restorative dentist.

The story gives his account of when he caught septicaemia, a deadly bacteria that invaded his body, multiplied, spread and poisoned his blood.

He tells of how he survived this catastrophic disease from health to near-death via intensive care, kidney dialysis, a kidney transplant from a live donor and recovery.

Becoming an organ donor

I wanted to inform the public and the medical profession, via an interesting read, how it felt to be critically ill (with vivid memories of 10 days spent in a coma) and travel the difficult journey from intensive care to rehabilitation,’ Michael said.

‘I have included the coping strategies that I developed to help me through this challenging time.

‘Only once did I lose the will to live.

‘According to doctors, I should have died and, if I miraculously survived, I should be severely incapacitated.

‘I am neither; I am fit and live a full and active life.’

‘Hopefully, this book will inspire anyone facing or supporting a loved one experiencing severe health problems, and will enthral fans of biographies, memoirs and those interested in the human condition.’

‘Most important, however, is that it may motivate someone to become a live kidney donor or an organ donor after their death.

‘This could save or greatly enhance a life.

‘If so, then all the time, energy, passion and cost involved in this book’s production will have been worthwhile.’

For more information about the book visit www.michaelwise.co.uk.

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